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Big or small, Qdigital can make the most of reaching your next IT goal, on-time and within budget. We've been helping businesses for over 15 years to the find and implement the technological solutions they need to succeed. 

Here are just some of the IT projects we can do for you.


Network Design

We install routers, switches and access-points (APs), and setup and configure quality of service (QoS), virtual private networks (VPN), segmented VLANs, and network attached storage (NAS).


Servers and Workstations

From rack installations, servers, Active Directory (AD) domains, and file sharing, to new workstation and laptop setups and upgrades, we handle all your business hardware needs.


Voice-over-IP (VoIP) PBX

Ditch the analog lines and save on your monthly bill with a customized VoIP PBX system. Monitor call flows, customize voice menus (IVR), get voicemails right in your email inbox and more.


Cloud Solutions

We've helped lots of businesses transition to the cloud, with Office 365 integration, Microsoft Azure deployment, application hosting, and our operational solutions.


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FlexIT Service Agreements

Today's economy demands flexibility, and that means more support options when it comes to IT. Whether you're looking for supplemental help for projects when you need it, or the quality and comfort of a fully managed provider, Qdigital's got you covered. 

Learn more below.

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FlexIT Rollover

Businesses need access to quality, reliable IT solutions, on demand and without limitation. We pride ourselves in providing flexible options to our customers, including adjustable month-to-month service solutions.

Our FlexIT Rollover SA provides the power to choose the service you need—when you need it. Our clients receive the highest level of service without being locked into a long-term contract. This allows you to expand services for projects as needed and adjust your IT budget as you see fit.

Customer Loyalty

We value loyalty. But rather than lock customers into long-term service contracts, we reward our loyal clients with discounts on service. Every year you remain with Qdigital's Rollover services, your business earns additional loyalty discounts.

Rollover Credits

Budget your monthly IT expenses at a level appropriate for your business needs and spread the cost out evenly over the year. Our Rollover services allow you to choose the right level of service and keep any unused service credits for when you need them (like large projects or unexpected issues).

Adjustable Budgets

Business can be unpredictable, demanding flexible budgets. Rollover amounts can be increased during the busy season and contracted whenever needed, giving your business flexible access to the services that keep it running.

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FlexIT Managed IT

FlexIT Managed IT SA is a unique service model that our team has developed to help small and medium-sized businesses and organizations manage their technology. It is a complete solution designed to streamline processes and provide a support mechanism similar to a large enterprise company, delivered at a cost that any size organization can afford.

We stand behind the quality of our services and know that this quality sets Qdigital apart from our competitors. We're so confident that we'll earn your loyalty that we offer a risk-free trial period on all of our managed IT services. If our services do not meet your expectations during your 90-day trial, you can terminate your subscription for no additional charge.

                                        —That's the Qdigital guarantee

Quality and Confidence

We provide the right type of solutions for your business. Proactive maintenance, 24/7 system monitoring, and automatic patch updates will keep your systems running smoothly, prevent downtime and potential loss of productivity. With help desk service just minutes away, every issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Vendor Management

Vendor management means less time to deal with your internet service and software providers, and more time to focus on running your business. We take on the task of dealing with your providers directly when an issue occurs so you don't have to.

Hassle-free IT

By reducing technological speed bumps, you can focus on what you do best—your business. Lower IT costs, improve security, protect data, streamline operations, reduce downtime and improve productivity. Qdigital's FlexIT Managed IT agreements are the perfect solution to your company's IT needs.

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Information Security

Even with the latest technologies, threats are always around the corner. That's why Qdigital makes information security one of our top priorities. Stop worrying about the bad guys, and let us handle it.


Security Auditing

Need to assess the health and security of your IT infrastructure? Suspect your systems may have been compromised? We're here to help.


IT Automation

Intrusions can happen at any moment. Through IT automation, you can worry less about your organization's security and focus more on productivity.


Best Practices

From multi-factor authentication to network segmentation, let us assist you in getting the most security out of your technology.



Founded in 2001, in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, Qdigital provides enterprise class IT services with small business-like personable staff members. Our promise is to stay on the cutting edge of technology, always provide a personal relationship, and have a "buck stops here" attitude. As Qdigital continues to grow, we are committed to evolving our services beyond expectations.


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